A new project is on the oven

As the post title states, I’m on the process of developing a small application that aims to be big, basically what I’m developing is a scrum dashboard with options to log time, and get some basic statistics, I know there are many options in the market out there, some free (as in free speech and also as in free beer) and also not free (same, in both ways), why I want to create another one? well because many reasons, just for fun, the existent options don’t meet my needs and why not? I like coding!, I want to practice and learn Ruby, Rails, TDD, BDD, etc.

This project is aimed for small companies, startups, that don’t have big projects or independent developers, if they want to manage small software projects.

Now, why I’m writing a post about it, same reason I want to share my intentions and use this like a diary to log my thoughts, findings and problems related to this project which by the way right now the codename is “Katana”.

Here are some features and/or specs for the project:

  • License: AGPL V.3
  • Technology: Rails 3
  • Project repository: github


  • Admin panel for controlling users and projects, including setting up configurations for the web application.
  • Users can log in and create stories and task to make a scrum dashboard.
  • Scrum dashboard to monitor progress.
  • Show basic statistics (points burn down chart, hours burn down chart, spring estimations, etc).
  • Users are able to log time on every activity.
  • REST api to allow other tools to communicate with “project katana”. (This is a nice to have feature).
  • Very simple bug tracking tool.

So far I only have the Admin panel functional but without beauty (stylesheets, js, colors, images, etc.), right now I’m looking for a good name for this tool, also any idea or suggestions for logo will be very welcome, I’m also open to listen to requests and any feedback that can be useful for improving or increase the basic features list.

Well so far this is the only information available.

See you soon!

Autor: edokun

Mexican Passionate Software Developer and Agile Developer/Scrum Master, Free and Open Source Software enthusiast, Ruby and Rails trainee, occasional gamer, amateur photographer, a little of bass player, Ubuntu fan, Aikidoka an seeker of the true samurai spirit, loves Japan, and Mexican food.

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