Once more, going back to the design bench, a new fresh start once again

Doing a personal project being the customer, architect, developer and product manager is one of the most challenging experiences in my professional live I’ve ever had before, is really hard to feel comfortable with all the decitions I have to take, and well here I am after months of development thinking about the future of my beloved “Katana Project”, I can say that the idea is really nice and from the first draft this second one was good enough, but now after getting a little bit of experience in large environments and understanding in a better way security concetps and protocols makes me think I need to redefine again what I want to accomplish, therefore this is not a fresh start but another start, there is a lot of good lessons learned during the development of the Katana Project v2 but now I need to start from scratch and think more deeply about v3, this is big, and because of that I really need to focus and polish my skills as a software designer and architect.

What is comming in the future, well haven’t decided it yet, but one thing is for sure, I will start with the true core, and that means I need to focus only and work only on core functionality (SSO, user management, public API…) Not decided completely now.

Wait for further information and keep radio contact!


Autor: edokun

Mexican Passionate Software Developer and Agile Developer/Scrum Master, Free and Open Source Software enthusiast, Ruby and Rails trainee, occasional gamer, amateur photographer, a little of bass player, Ubuntu fan, Aikidoka an seeker of the true samurai spirit, loves Japan, and Mexican food.

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